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December 21, 2016
Niels Looff's "Easy III" and an Optimist Dinghy replica
Niels Looff from Hannover/Germany has sent us a note and pictures of his two Footy's:
"The yellow one is a 2014 plan-built "Easy III" but with removable keelfin. This is very good for packing and traveling. I took it with me several times on vacation in my suitcase while flying by plane. The whole sailing gear is just under 1,5kg. I have always been allowed to sail the hotel pool in quieter hours. Once I tried the Atlantic Ocean but the saltwater has eaten the contact pins of the switch, apart from that all worked well and the tiny boat could handle the waves pretty well."

"The white one is a scaled down Optimist Dinghy from 2015, quite similar to the one I sailed on my own when I was young. Therefore it's given G-7223, my own reg-nr from those days. I adapted the original measurements with longer fin and bigger rudder for scale performance but fitting to Footy-Rules. I also made a special rig, creating the illusion of a scale Optimist rig/sail but having more area, approx equal to EasyIII.

This hull does perform just OK, but not as good as the EasyIII, therefor I prefer the EasyIII from 1-6Bft with several rigs."

See more pictures of Niels' boats in the PHOTOS section of the website. Why not send me stories about YOUR boats?

May 31, 2015
Photos from Sébastien Gagnon of Québec Canada
Sébastien has sent a lot of nice photos of his building process for a couple of Footys. He begins with making his own fiberglass hulls along the lines of a Razor 3. He also casts his own keel weights using a wooden original he turned on his lathe. I've placed several pictures in the Gallery, but here is a montage of some of the others he sent. If you'd like to see the whole process, visit his Flickr pages.

November 22, 2013
AMYA magazine features Footy class
The current issue of the AMYA's Model Yachting magazine #174 is entirely devoted to the Footy class. Here is the table of contents:

June 14, 2013
June 2013 Website update
Since my last update, the Footy 507 has gone on sale in Australia, there's more on the LINKS page, or visit his gospectre website

We are pleased to welcome several new registrars:

In the PHOTOS section we have a number of new additions:

Peter Henderson sends the latest info on his "1299". Find it on the LINKS page or Click here.

And finally, be sure to visit Erik Jankovic's Footy blog

July 20, 2012
July 2012 updates
Our Portugal Footy register has moved away and has left a vacancy. Any volunteers in Portugal to take on the job? For France, Christophe Klein takes over from Gilbert Pétin for boat registrations. Many thanks to Antonio and Gilbert for your good work.

The IFCA Executive Committee has sent us a revised IFCA Charter. You'll find a link at the bottom of the REGISTER page. This charter is mostly concerned with rules governing the administration of the association, not the rules for boat design.

Peter Shephard sends us a link to his new Footy Website in the UK. You'll find it on the LINKS page.

Pawel Dejnak sends along links to a Polish website, with temporary pages for Czech and Slovenia skippers. Pawel also provided me with a great many photos. I have put his group photo of skippers to the Euro GP 2010 on the homepage, and added three photos from the 2012 Polish Footy championships to the PHOTOS page. I'm saving the rest of his photos for later.

On the PHOTOS page you will also find Mike Bayard's "3-Footy", Rodney Horsfal's boat, Jim Knorr's boat, Dieter Schmitz's three Swiss Footys and lastly Thomas Grimm's Orca. Thomas is measuring his boat's receiver battery with a fancy HiTech iView gadget. Neat.

January 29, 2012
January 2012 Updates
We now have a French footy website link on the LINKS page.

Wayne Russell's bottle yacht appears in the PHOTOS sections and a link off the PLANS page.

Marcus Wahlin hopes to offer plans for his Breithorn soon, but plans for the sail rig are available now for five Swiss francs (about $5). Look under "Kit Sources" on the LINKS page.

Novrizal Herdananto from Indonesia sends photos of his first Footy. Tony Ashdon sends photos of his WoodenBoat Store plans boat (the design is called Brando). By coincidence, I have also heard from Brando's designer, Flavio Faloci. He sends pictures of his Presto design as well as many more pictures from the Italian fleet. See the LINKS page for a URL or just visit and search for Footy. They also carry a book Flavio wrote on building Presto as well as a kit.

Flavio has also created a new Italian Footy website (see the LINKS page).

Bill Hagerup has sent me a rule clarification for Footys, affecting above deck brackets for routing the sheet. There's a link at the top of the TECHNICAL page.

And lastly Brazil's Frederico Schmidt Filho has created an English language blog on Footy design. Look under "Blogs" on the LINKS page.

September 20, 2011
Recent updates to this site
In the PLANS section we have information on Bill Hagerup's new Ranger. It includes links to discussion threads and rough-drawn plans. This boat was recently featured in the AMYA magazine, MODEL YACHTING (Spring 2011, No. 163).

On the LINKS page you'll find a link to "le blog footy-fr". This was set up by our French registrar Gilbert Petin. All in French!

Thorsten Hochstadt sent us a photo of his boat with a sardine-like keel weight. See it in the PHOTOS section.

Peter Henderson has sent us information and links on his vacuum form Footy, the "1299". You'll find information on the LINKS page, and the ARTICLES page. There are also photos on the PHOTOS pages. The article has lots of interesting details about assembling the boat from a sheet of molded styrene. He sells the sheets for 35 pounds in the UK.

We are delighted to welcome new Registrars: Eduardo Ramos for Argentina, Harald Klein for Austria, and Maximiliab Eder for Ecuador.

And lastly, Marcus Wahlin sends us news that his "Breithorn" Footy will soon be available. See the link on the LINKS page.

May 16, 2011
Recent updates to this site
On the LINKS page we've added Andy Stone's blog about his youth group's boatbuilding project. You'll also find some photos of the results in the PHOTOS pages.

Also in the PHOTOS pages, Demura sends a photo of his Footy's launching ceremony from Japan and another of a boat under construction. After the earthquake he sent a peaceful scene of a boat and cherry blossoms.

You'll also find photos of Thorsten Hochstadt's ESP 1, and a boat from China.

In the RACING section you'll find the complete 2011 UK Calendar.

On the RULES page you'll find a link to Thorsten Hochstadt's Footy box plans, with Peter Schueller's accompanying diagrams.

Thomas Grimm has volunteered to act as registrar for Belgium. Olivier de Tauzia is transferring the job of the French registrar to Gilbert Pétin. Many thanks to Olivier for his past work as registrar!

April 08, 2011
UK's Angus Richardson dies
Barry Philips sends this sad news:
It is with deep regret that I have to inform you that Angus Richardson has passed away peacefully at Wrexham Maelor Hospital.

Angus died 04:30hrs on 6 April at Wrexham Maelor Hospital where he was being treated for a urine infection. In the end it was Acute Kidney failure and Pneumonia.

The funeral is on for Friday next week 11:00am at Bangor crematorium and after a pub named The Abbeyfield Hotel in Tal-y-Bont. LL57 3UR.

Angus was a major force in the development of both this website and UK Footy scene. He will be sorely missed.

Read the complete obituary here.

The Editor

January 11, 2011
Latest Updates
In the Photos section Andy Stone has sent photos of his Papaya 3 with a Bermudan rig and cabin. Kevin Gault sent a photo of his modified Kittiwake kit. We also have shot of Scott Wallis' Razor 3 made up Depron sheet.

In other updates, Thomas Grimm has contributed a nice article in German to the Articles page.

We have two new country registrars: Thorsten Hochstadt for Spain, Fred Schmidt for Brazil. Fred also has a blog, the address is on the Links page.

Thanks to all these folks who've contributed to keeping the Footy class active!