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May 16, 2011
Recent updates to this site
On the LINKS page we've added Andy Stone's blog about his youth group's boatbuilding project. You'll also find some photos of the results in the PHOTOS pages.

Also in the PHOTOS pages, Demura sends a photo of his Footy's launching ceremony from Japan and another of a boat under construction. After the earthquake he sent a peaceful scene of a boat and cherry blossoms.

You'll also find photos of Thorsten Hochstadt's ESP 1, and a boat from China.

In the RACING section you'll find the complete 2011 UK Calendar.

On the RULES page you'll find a link to Thorsten Hochstadt's Footy box plans, with Peter Schueller's accompanying diagrams.

Thomas Grimm has volunteered to act as registrar for Belgium. Olivier de Tauzia is transferring the job of the French registrar to Gilbert Pétin. Many thanks to Olivier for his past work as registrar!

April 08, 2011
UK's Angus Richardson dies
Barry Philips sends this sad news:
It is with deep regret that I have to inform you that Angus Richardson has passed away peacefully at Wrexham Maelor Hospital.

Angus died 04:30hrs on 6 April at Wrexham Maelor Hospital where he was being treated for a urine infection. In the end it was Acute Kidney failure and Pneumonia.

The funeral is on for Friday next week 11:00am at Bangor crematorium and after a pub named The Abbeyfield Hotel in Tal-y-Bont. LL57 3UR.

Angus was a major force in the development of both this website and UK Footy scene. He will be sorely missed.

Read the complete obituary here.

The Editor

January 11, 2011
Latest Updates
In the Photos section Andy Stone has sent photos of his Papaya 3 with a Bermudan rig and cabin. Kevin Gault sent a photo of his modified Kittiwake kit. We also have shot of Scott Wallis' Razor 3 made up Depron sheet.

In other updates, Thomas Grimm has contributed a nice article in German to the Articles page.

We have two new country registrars: Thorsten Hochstadt for Spain, Fred Schmidt for Brazil. Fred also has a blog, the address is on the Links page.

Thanks to all these folks who've contributed to keeping the Footy class active!

February 23, 2010
Andy Trewin's slideshow
Andy Trewin (UK) has very kindly donated his slideshow to the website. He has been using these slides to give presentations popularizing the Footy class at various sailing clubs in the UK. It's now a permanent part of this website, just click the Slideshow tab at the top of this page!

October 02, 2009
Footy rule Ballot Aug-Sept 2009
The results from a recent poll of registered Footy skippers concerning rig restrictions are in. According to this ballot: As in all model sailboat racing classes, the rules are a balance between innovation and racing skill. In larger yacht classes a skipper with enough money for multiple sail rigs could dominate skippers who couldn't afford so many, but in the Footy class rigs are cheap. In addition, with a young class like the Footy, we may have yet to discover the ideal rig, so encouraging innovation is a good thing.

July 25, 2009
Euro GP 2009 Results
The Footy Euro GP 2009 regatta was held Sat/Sun, 18-19 July at the Birkenhead MYC in the UK. Of particular interest was the presence of a contingent from Poland and the dominance of a boat called Moonshadow. Read all about it in the full Race Report provided by Angus Richardson.
May 27, 2009
New Polish Footy design: "Opalek"
Pawel Dejnak sent me email about his new Footy design, the "Opalek". The plans are published in the current issue of Mlody Technik ("young technician"). For a month you can see them on-line at the magazine's website in the June 2009 issue. The text is in Polish, but it's chock-full of nice photos.

May 02, 2009
2009 Postal Classic announced
Brett McCormack (New Zealand) has announced the 2009 Postal Classic. In this race skippers from around the world race for the best times around a standard course. You can race any time in the month of July but be sure to email your results to Brett by July 31st! For complete details, see the Racing tab which has a link to his announcement.
March 17, 2009
Recent Footy rules ballot results
Thanks, AMYA Footy skippers, for your participation in the recent Footy rules ballot. The results were 83 in favor of the change, with 2 against. That means AMYA is back in sync with the international rules, and will remain in sync unless we decide to have an exception.

The new rules take effect immediately. They can be found here on this website.

I'll get the AMYA Footy webpage updated to reflect the change as soon as possible. Thanks to everyone for the great response and for your help.

Bill Hagerup

January 25, 2009
New Rules published
The results of last year's voting have been incorporated into a new set of rules for the Footy class. You can find them here.