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Request for Rule Interpretation No. 2

Decision by:

Bill Hagerup
David WIlkinson
Earl Boebert

Date: 12 Jan 2012

Effective immediately

Request for Clarification:

I should be grateful if you would be able to help clarify whether a sheeting bracket as used on Moonshadow in the first attached picture or a sheeting post as used on a BOX in the second attached picture can be considered as an associated fitting and, therefore be allowed to project above the measurement box with the rest of the rig and sheeting?

Technical Committee Discussion:

Bill Hagerup: In my opinion, the sheet lead/sheeting post is a fairlead which is attached to the hull, and would therefore be considered a deck fitting. A deck fitting, rather than a rig fitting, must not project above the box.

David Wilkinson: The mast tube and sheet lead fitting shown in the pictures are not covered by section B2 of the Footy Class rules. They are part of the hull and therefore must be within the box on measurement.

Earl Boebert: Definitely part of the hull. From the Equipment Rules of Sailing:

D.1 Hull

The shell including any transom, the deck including any superstructure, the internal structure including any cockpit, the fittings associated with these parts and any corrector weights.

"the fittings associated with these parts" = "the fittings associated with the deck" without doubt.


Examples of sheet guides or posts like those shown in the pictures provided of Moonshadow and Box are considered deck fittings rather than rig fittings and, therefore, cannot extend outside the boundaries of the measurement box.